This program is provided by the O’Fallon Sunrise Rotary Club. 

Teacher Heroes helps teachers meet a student's need through a small grant. 


How It Works

  1. After realizing the need of a student that has not been met immediately by family, teachers can request a small grant from Teacher Heroes through the Request Form.

  2. An approval e-mail will be completed within a week and sent to your inbox. 

  3. Once approved, Teacher Heroes will give you a range of funds that will be reimbursed after your act of kindness is completed. A typical grant awarded will range between $25-$100.

  4. After you bless your student, fill out the Completion Form on this page to upload an image of your receipt, and most importantly, tell us the story of how you impacted this student!


Teacher Heroes Guidelines:

  • The confidentiality of the student must be respected.

  • The student’s need is not one that can be immediately met by family or caretakers.

  • The student has not had a need previously met through Teacher Heroes.

  • The act of kindness must not be in the form of a monetary gift, food or perishable item, or any other gift that is not purchased to meet a specific need. 

  • Both the Request Form and Completion Form must be completed by the teacher requesting funds. 


To begin a Teacher Heroes request, please fill out the Request Form below.


To complete your Teacher Heroes request, please fill out the Completion Form below.  Please have an image of your receipt ready to upload. 



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