Mike and Mary Jo Nowobilski, of the O’Fallon Sunrise Rotary Club, along with Bob and Alene Holloway, of the Sparta Rotary Club, answered the international challenge with a trip last fall to Embangweni, Malawi in Africa.  There, they worked to provide clean water and sanitation to over 7,000 people.
    The water and sanitation project is possible due to an $89,000 Rotary International Global Grant.  The Mzuzu Rotary Club in Malawi was the local club assisting the Nowobilski’s and Holloway’s.  The Mzuzu club hosted meetings with local school administrators where the wells and latrines will be built in 40 villages. 
    Currently, some of these villages have only a shrinking mud hole for their water source and there are only 20 latrines for over 2,000 students in the schools.  Consequently, children become sick and die at a young age.  Bringing clean water and proper sanitation are essential for these villages.  Teachers, students and parents are also trained in health and sanitation practices to prevent disease. 

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The A. Jean Brugger Educational Project is a non-governmental organization focusing on improving the education and economic opportunities within a 36 community region.  We have been supporting their efforts since 2006.  

We've also partnered with the Rotary Club of San Juan del Sur to fund a water well and dictionaries for local children.

The Rotary Club of O’Fallon Sunrise has actively been engaged in improving the lives of people living in Malawi, Africa since 2011.  The Rotary club has provided clean water, food and education.  Most recently, in partnership with The Rotary Foundation through a District 6510 Grant and the Mzuzu Rotary Club in Malawi, it has awarded 30 scholarships to exemplary Malawian students who attend Secondary Schools (equivalent to high schools in U.S.).   Secondary School is not free in Malawi. 

 Without the scholarships, many of the students would not be able to afford Secondary School.   Over 40% of Malawians make only about $1 a day.   These scholarships will give the students a much better chance at becoming gainfully employed and so improve their standard of living.  At the Secondary level, students learn English, the business language of Malawi.  Without this knowledge, the children’s only alternative is subsistence farming.

Members Mike & Mary Jo Nowobilski Help Villagers in Malawi Obtain Clean Water

Belize Children's Program

The Belize Children's Program identifies children in Belize with orthopedic conditions who could be helped at Shriners Hospitals for Children in St. Louis. Rotarians make arrangements for visas, transportation, and medical appointments for the patients and their family members, while the children are treated free of charge at Shriners Hospitals for Children.  The program also places the children with host families during their stay, and safely returns them to Belize after their therapy is complete.

The Rotary Club of San Juan del Sur (SJDS), Nicaragua has asked for our assistance in a clean water and sanitation project. Dedicated to service, they have set a goal to provide clean water and sanitary facilities to the rural schools in their area. 50% of their children suffer from parasitic and respiratory illnesses. Sunrise Rotary has a 10 year history of involvement in SJDS and is eager to expand our efforts on the larger scale made possible by Rotary Foundation’s Global Grants.

​​The SJDSl Rotary Club, led by a member who is a licensed plumber, has done extensive needs assessments of 45 schools with individualized solutions for each school. Through local fundraising efforts, and with community support, they have already completed several small projects. Larger projects will be possible with the assistance of Global Grants provided by Rotary Foundation.  We are eager to join them in a Global Grant project of $35,000 which will upgrade sanitary facilities in 4 schools, benefiting over 450 students. 

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Nicaragua Safe Water Project and Global Grant

Malawi Secondary School Scholarships

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